1. Core texts 7 items
    1. Asking questions in biology: a guide to hypothesis testing, experimental design and presentation in practical work and research projects - C. J. Barnard, Francis S. Gilbert, Peter K. McGregor c2017

      Book Recommended This book will support your studies during the autumn semester

    2. Measuring behaviour: an introductory guide - Paul Martin, P. P. G. Bateson 2007

      Book Recommended This text underpins some of the teaching during the autumn semester

    3. Animal behaviour: mechanism, development, function and evolution - C. J. Barnard c2004

      Book  This book is available electronically as well as a 'hard copy' in the library

    4. Tinbergen's legacy: function and mechanism in behavioral biology - Johan J. Bolhuis, Simon Verhulst, ebrary, Inc 2009 (electronic resource)

      Book  Tinbergen's (1963) paper 'On aims and methods of ethology' is reproduced within this book

    5. Bad science - Ben Goldacre 2009

      Book Essential This book is a core text for the spring semester

  2. Study skills for scientists 2 items
    1. Study and communication skills for the biosciences - Stuart Johnson, Jon Scott c2014

      Book  This text contains helpful hints for those new to studying science

    2. Cite them right: the essential referencing guide - Richard Pears, Graham J. Shields 2013

      Book Recommended This is a handy text which offers clear guidance about how to cite a wide variety of resource types. There are many different editions of this book - it doesn't really matter which version you use, though you'll find that the newer editions are better if you're using digital resources.

  3. Maths and statistics for scientists 4 items
    These texts are all easy-to-read guides to maths and statistics
    1. Maths & stats: for the life and medical sciences - Harris, Michael, Taylor, Gordon, Taylor, Jacquelyn 2013


    2. Core maths for the biosciences - Reed, Martin B. c2011


    3. Statistics for people who (think they) hate statistics - Neil J. Salkind c2014


  4. Other useful resources for studying science 8 items
    These texts may be useful to support your learning in the Foundation Year and you may also find them handy during the first year of your undergraduate studies.
    1. Catch up compendium: for the life and medical sciences - Bradley, Philip, Fry, Mitchell, Harris, Michael 2013


    2. Advanced biology - Michael Roberts, Michael J. Reiss, Grace Monger 2000


    3. New understanding biology for advanced level - Glenn Toole, Susan Toole c2014


    4. Chemistry for the life sciences - Raul Sutton, Bernard W. Rockett, Peter Swindells 2009


    5. Chemistry for the biosciences: the essential concepts - Jonathan Crowe, Tony Bradshaw c2014


    6. Chemistry for biologists - Fisher, J., Arnold, J. R. P. c2013


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